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Decision Procedures and Verification - Lecture

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This page is devoted to lectures for the course. Lecture slides and other study material can be found here.

DateTopic Slides
9.10.2015Propositional Logic, Normal Forms of Formulae, Tseitin Encoding [PDF]
15.10.2015SAT Solvers, DPLL, CDCL, 2-watched Literals [PDF]
23.10.2015BDDs, GSAT, WalkSAT, Warning Propagation [PDF]
30.10.2015Equality Theory and Uninterpreted Functions [PDF]
6.11.2015Decision Procedures for Equality Logic Formulae [PDF]
13.11.2015Small Domain Allocation [PDF]
20.11.2015Bit Vector Arithmetics [PDF]
27.11.2015Decision Procedures for Array and Pointer Logic Formulae [PDF]
4.12.2015Combination of Theories, Nelson-Oppen Procedure [PDF]
18.12.2015Satisfiability Modulo Theories (SMT) Problem [PDF]
8.1.2016Linear Arithmetics [PDF]

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